Testimonials & Success Stories

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Fundraising Event at Livingston bar & grill

LW49 hosted a fundraising event at the Livingston Bar and Grill on June 28th where all proceeds from that evening were donated back to our organization. We are thrilled to announce that we raised $1,470, and we want to thank Livingston Bar and Grill for making that happen! LW49 plans to use the funds raised to facilitate the goals and strategies of the Community Health Improvement Plan.

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"My name is Kathy Martin and I am the Community Program Coordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Park and Sweet Grass Counties.  This year we partnered with Livingston Healthcare, ASPEN and LW49 for our annual Winter Fun Day.  There were around 34 participants who enjoyed Abby Bandstra's short video and inspiring information on "mindful walking".  Though the wind was super strong that day Bigs and Littles together walked, jumped and trudged the 2 mile trail around the hospital laughing, talking and exploring.  Everyone enjoyed the adventure and new friendships made that day.   LW49 sponsored the cost for all the participants to eat a yummy lunch of chili, asparagus and salad made by Cafe Fresh, which was thoroughly enjoyed after the excursion out in the winter elements!  I give Jessie Wilcox a big "high 5" for joining the group hike, braving the weather, and being an extra pair of adult eyes ensuring the safety of all who were there.  

The sad truth is that there are so many children in our community who are isolated.  If they are not in sports or a part of some other type of extra-curricular activity, some kids are left wondering where they belong and crave human connection and friendships.  Big Brothers Big Sisters is a place where kids can be boosted up for their individuality and encouraged to try new things they may otherwise not try or have the opportunity to do.  Recently, a Little told me she has lived here her entire life and has never gone on a hike before.  

It was a wonderful experience to have LHC, ASPEN and LW49 all to come together to support and encourage Big Brothers Big Sisters kids and mentors to breathe fresh air, exercise their bodies and embrace the friendships in our community. Thank you Jessie for reaching out and taking the lead in making this fun, healthy day of coming together happen!"



Farm to School of Park County was Awarded a LiveWell 49 sponsorship for the Annual Sun Run on June 21, 2018. Here is how they plan to use the sponsorship to enhance their event incorporating heath, wellness and nutrition:

With the addition of a unique LW49 sponsorship at a $500 level, F2SPC will improve the Annual F2SPC Sun Run in the following ways:

  • F2SPC will be able to effectively market the event to a broader segment of the community.
  • F2SPC will offer 5 LW49-sponsored scholarships for individuals/families who cannot afford the race participation fee.
  • F2SPC will offer post race foods that highlight the community Harvest of the Month foods and provide recipe cards for participants.
  • F2SPC + LW49 will provide a race kick-off talk on the importance of nutrient dense foods and how they fuel our bodies.
  • F2SPC will offer a children’s F2S garden activity during the run.